Joseph KIRBY and Anne Clements (my 4x great grandparents)

JOSEPH: Jack’s youngest brother (my 4x great-grandfather) (born 1772) married Anne Clements at St Cosmus, Blean on 13 October 1796. Joseph became a pork butcher.

They had 12 children, and when we take a closer look at their life stories, you can see the inter-connectedness of the Blean families.

(1) Joseph (1797-1864)

Joseph was born in 1797. He followed the family profession and became a woodman. In 1818 he married Mary Ann Matam, and they had three children. Mary died in 1848 (age 46). Joseph died in 1864 died (age 66).

(2) Mary Ann (1800-1818)

Mary was born in 1800. In 1817 she married George Fordred. Their son, also called George, was born in May 1818, at which time Mary Ann also died in childbirth, age 18.

(3) William (1802-1886)

William was born in 1802. He became a woodman too. In 1825 he married Sarah Sammers and they had nine 9 children.  Sarah died in 1881 (age 76). William died in 1886 died (age 84).

(4) Sarah Ann (1802-1868)

Sarah Ann was born in 1804. In 1824 she married John Wraight (a labourer) and they had 6 children. Sarah died in 1868 (age 64). John died in 1874 (age 78).

(5) Thomas (1806-1865)

Thomas was born in 1806. He too was an agricultural labourer. In 1826 he married Mary Ann Sammers (Her sister, Sarah, had married his older brother, William). They had eight 8 children. Mary died in 1842 (age 35). Thomas died in 1865 died (age 58).

(6) Samuel Kirby (1808-)

Samuel was born in 1808. In 1836 he married Mary Davis in Blean.

However, the 1841 census shows Samuel (35) as a gardener living in St Dunstan Street, Canterbury in the house of Charles Wood (also a gardener) and his wife

Mary (35) is living in the house of Lady Harriet Bagot in the Deanery, Canterbury, where she is undoubtedly a servant. Lady Harriet’s husband Richard Bagot was the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral (1827–1845).

Also working in Lady Harriet’s household is Jane Kirby. It is not clear who she is, but one possibility is she is Mary’s (illegitimate) daughter, who took the name, Kirby on Mary’s marriage.

Also working in Lady Harriet’s household is Jesse Davis (36), probably Mary’s brother, and Elizabeth Davis (her sister) is working in the King’s School Canterbury.

No further subsequent records have been found for either Samuel or Mary

(7) Susannah was born in 1811. In 1828 she married Thomas SANDY (an agricultural labourer).

Thomas Sandy was born in 1804, the son of John Sandy and Elizabeth Parnell.

John Sandy’s father was Thomas Sandy (born 1728) who had married Sarah ANDERSON.

  • Thomas’s brother, Edward Sandy (born 1735) was most likely, the Edward Sandy Jack stole from.
  • Thomas’s sister, Mary (born 1733) married William ANDERSON (born 1725 and the brother of Sarah) in 1759.

Here is a family tree that shows how the Kirby, Sandy and Anderson families were connected.


Susannah and Thomas had 12 children.

This photo of Susannah and Thomas Sandy was probably take in the  late 1870s or early 1880s).

Susannah died in 1882 (age 71).

Thomas died in 1886 (age 81).




8) Maria Kirby (1813-1814)

Maria was born in 1813. She died in 1814 less than a year old

(9) Elizabeth Kirby (1814-1815)

Elizabeth was in born 1814. She died in 1815 less than a year old.



(10) Ann Kirby (1815-1884)

Ann was born 1815. In 1835 she married George Whiddett.

George was the step-great-grandson of the Mrs. Whiddett, whose house Jack broke into in 1786.

Here’s how the two families were connected

(11) John Kirby (1818-1887)

John was born in 1818. He married Frances Anne Gammon in 1839 in St Cosmus and Damian church in Blean. They had 10 children.

John was a woodman, The family first lived in Blean and then they moved to Waldershare (a village near Dover) where they lived next to All Saints Church. Their three oldest sons were also woodmen.

In 1887 John died (age 69). Frances then lived in The Kennels, Waldershare until her death in 1905 (age 85)

(12) George Kirby (1824-1886)

George (my 3 x great grandfather) was born in 1824. He married Sarah GAMMON, Frances’s sister) in 1842 in the church of St Cosmus and Damian in Blean,


Frances (born 1824) and Sarah (born 1823) were sisters and the daughters of Thomas and Sarah GAMMON.

Thomas GAMMON was born in 1783 in Blean, and it is therefore very likely that he was William Twyman’s runaway waggoner who was mentioned in the Kentish Chronicle press cutting.

Thomas Gammon’s family story is shown below or jump straight onto George’s family story

Thomas Gammon’s family

Thomas Gammon was the youngest son of John Gammon and Elizabeth Ralph who married in Blean in 1764. They had 8 children – all born during the time of Jack’s story:

  1. Sarah Gammon (1766-1851)
  2. Diana Gammon (born and died in 1768)
  3. John Gammon (1768-1801) and William Gammon (1770-1855)
  4. Mary Gammon (1772-1796) who married Thomas CULLEN in 1790. [Thomas was born in 1765, the baseborn (i.e. illegitimate) son of Mary Cullen. Mary had a number of other baseborn children (James in 1752, Anne in 1756, Thomas in 1765 and possibly Edward in 1785. Who the father or fathers were is unknown.) Mary Cullen was born in 1731, the daughter of Henry Cullen (1695-1779) and Elizabeth FLEET (1695-1740). Her brother, Thomas CULLEN (1721-1804) was probably the one that Jack stole from.]
  5. Elizabeth Gammon (1775-1797, died age 23
  6. Frances Gammon (1777-1855)
  7. Ann Gammon (1780-1868)
  8. THOMAS GAMMON (1783-1847)

In 1820 Thomas married Sarah Newing in Canterbury. They had 5 children:

  1. Frances Ann Gammon (born 1820)
  2. Sarah Gammon (born 1823)
  3. Ann Gammon (born 1824).
  4. Thomas Gammon (born 1827 who died in 1828 age 7 months)
  5. George Gammon (born 1831)

1839 daughter, FRANCES ANN married John Kirby

1841 census shows

  • Thomas (58) was living with wife Sarah (60) and son George (10) in St Dunstan’s Canterbury
  • Daughter Ann (15) was living in Westgate, Canterbury with William Gunner (18, a baker)
  • Daughter Sarah was living in Canterbury where she was working as a grocery assistant

April 1842 William John Gammon was born in Canterbury, he was the illegitimate son of ANN (age 17).

July 1842 Daughter, SARAH married George Kirby

1847 Thomas died in Canterbury (age 63)

1851 census shows

  • Sarah (68) was living in St Dunstan’s Canterbury with her son George (20, coal carrier) and her grandson, William (9)
  • Daughter, Ann (25) was now a house servant in Harbledown in the house of Thomas FLEET (landowner) and his wife Martha.
April 1854 Daughter ANN married Edward Silk, They had 6 children

1861 census shows Edward (labourer), Ann and their children living in Westgate, Canterbury.

Ann’s mother, Sarah Gammon, Ann’s mother (charwoman) is also living with them.

Also living with them is William Gammon (19), a seaman. The census record shows his relationship to the Head of the family, Edward as “brother-in-law”, i.e. Ann’s brother, but we know that he was in fact her son.

[Was this just incorrect terminology, “in law” was originally used to refer to relationships by marriage but if this is the case we would have expected to see “son-in-law”. Or was Edward unaware of the fact his wife had had an illegitimate child?]

1871 census shows Edward (labourer) living in Westgate, Canterbury with his wife, children and mother-in-law, a laundress

1881 census:

  • Edward (a carrier’s labourer) is now living in Harbledown with his wife and daughter Esther
  • Sarah (80) is a lodger in Westgate, Canterbury, in the house of Alfred (a saw maker) and Caroline Beaumont.

1884 Ann’s mother, Sarah died (age 84)

1891 census shows Edward (carman) living in Westgate, Canterbury with Ann (60)

1901 census shows Edward and Ann are inmates of Jesus Hospital, Northgate Street, Canterbury. [Jesus Hospital was built in 1599, and refurbished in 1933 it still provides retirement housing in Canterbury

Edward died in Canterbury  in 1902 (age 71). Ann died in 1910 (age 85)

April 1855 Son GEORGE married Carline Ralph (possibly a relative of Thomas’s grandmother) and they had 6 children.

1871 & 1881 censuses: George (coal dealer/labourer ) living in Canterbury with wife

1891 & 1901 census: George (carter) living in Westgate

1908 Caroline died in Westgate, Canterbury (age 77)

1911 census: George, widower, old age pensioner) living in Westgate with daughter Caroline (46, single,).

1912 George died age (82)

> George KIRBY and Sarah Gammon

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