Harold Fogg and Kathleen Fanny Monk (my grandparents)

HAROLD FOGG (my grandfather) was born in 1903.

In 1918 (age 15) he entered Royal Naval service as a Boy Shipwright and served on a number of ships, after which he worked at Chatham Dockyard.

In 1926 he married Kathleen Fanny Monk They had two children: Kathleen Mary (Cassie), who was born on 6 December 1927, and Brian, who was born on 30 January 1931.

Photo (l-r) Peter Kinslow, Cassie Fogg, Brian Fogg, Kathleen Fogg, Harold (late 1940s)

Kathleen Mary (Cassie) Fogg (my mother) married Peter Kinslow in February 1950 and they had two daughters: Jane (in 1955) and Diane (in 1958). Peter Kinslow died in London on 11 October 2016 (age 87) and Cassie Kinslow in Brentwood, Essex, on 25 March 2020 (age 92).

Brian Fogg married Daphne Manington in July 1955, and they had one son, Andy (in 1961). Brian died in Folkestone on 21 April 2019 (age 88).

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